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Presenting #TanaBakul in 4 colours for storage, picnics and marketing

We are huge fans of the Bolga Baskets from Bolgatanga, Ghana, Africa we decided to have some inspired ones made of Seagrass. Similar material as our Baloo Bakul (except the flattening process) thus giving it a raw look. Wonky shaped and stringy but charming nevertheless!

Tana was derived from the name Bolga which stands for “Clay” in Frafra language (Northern Ghana). They are soft, organic in shape and can be flattened and folded for storage.

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//keep dry

//treat with TLC

//maintain intended use

//load basket considerably

//keep away from sharp objects

//keep away from heat resources

//refrain from cutting loose ends

//stacking heavy items on top may result in distortion

//handmade items may slightly vary is size, shape & colour

Embrace Imperfections

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Dimensions 28 × 28 × 27 cm



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